Best Fish Finder Rigs You Can Find in Today’s Market


The fish finder rig is the simplest of the rigs out there, yet it is the most versatile and most effective. It has been a common misconception that in order to catch a hefty amount of fish, you need to venture out into the deep water.

However, with the correct rig, you can get your hands on some flounder even when fishing off sandbars.

This is the perfect choice if you are using large baits for fishing as it will largely increase your chances of catching the kind offish you desire. This type of rig mainly consists of a hook and a leader. Also, behind the fish finder weight slide is the main line wherein a barrel swivel is tied to it.This type of rig is also commonly known as b8n8 (bait and eight!). With this rig, your live bait has the tendency to move naturally and freely, thus attracting more fish.

Discussing Its Technical Features

You can choose from a wide variety of styles when setting up a rig. Most of the time, fishers would get away with using a 5oz sinker. If you are using a sinker that is either sputnik styled or hurricane styled, you will find that these types of sinkers will allow you to hold the bottom part better than your usual pyramid sinker.

The hook can vary from 6/0, 8/0, 9/0, or 10/0 circle hooks. The size of your hook should depend on the size of your bait. The most common bait used is bunker heads, and for that an 8/0 circle hook would work just fine. The sinker’s purpose is to hold down the bottom during harsh conditions. The heavy-duty slider or simply the slider is used to attach to the sinker, and the swivel is used to attach the hook to a shock leader.

To explain the technical features of each part, one of the ends of the leader is tied to a swivel, and the other end is tied to a hook. The line in between runs through a plastic sleeve which also includes a sinker to secure the weight. This arrangement will allow the sinker to rest at the bottom. The line can allow the fish to move freely and naturally because it does not feel its weight. With this type of rig, your bait will seem perfectly natural and, thus, will attract a hit.

Some of the most common questions that arise when talking about fishing rigs are how to effectively attach the bait into the hook without killing it. Remember that one of the main reasons as to why these particular rigs are the most effective is because they allow the bait to move naturally. While the most common rebuttal for that argument is to not put the hook through the brain of the bait, there are actually more than one way to do it.

This Rig Is a Sure Hit with Summer Flounders!

Summer flounders, also known as “flukes” or “flatties,” are the most common hits when using this rig. These are marine flatfishes that have the ability to change its color to match the color of its surroundings. The reason why these rigs are such a huge success to catching flukes is because it bounces.

In looking for the perfect fish finder rig, be sure to check if the lead bounces enough to create a cloud of sand which will be noticed by the hit. If at the end of your rig you have a live bait (especially a strip bait), the flukes will eat it. The flukes will eat a fish finder rig twice as often as the typical split shot rig.

The flukes are extremely shy.So, whenever you feel a bite, make sure to drop the rod tip below allowing the fish to fully take in the bait and, after a couple of seconds, tighten it up slowly. Then, set the hook when you finally feel the weight of the fish at the end of the line. This is something to keep in mind especially if you are targeting a fish that has the tendency to travel some distance before actually settling and ingesting. Some of these types of fishes are striped bass or redfish.

If in the event that you are a type of fisher who “catches and releases,” thisis your best rig option because there are only very rare instances wherein a fish would ingest circle hooks. With that being said, if you use this particular type of rig when catching fish, it would be a lot easier to release them without actually harming them.

Top 10 Fish Finder Rigs That Will Surely Increase Your Catch Rate

Best Fish Finder Rigs You Can Find in Today’s Market

It is important that you know the type of fish that you want to acquire in order to know what type of rig would best suit your end game. This rig is considered as the most basic and the most efficient rig as the ability of the live bait to swim naturally increases your catch rate.

That said, we have compiled some of the best fish finder rigs in today’s market. In this article, we are going to talk you through some of the benefits of each brand.

1. Tide Rite Pre-rigged Striped Bass Rig

Tide Rite has provided us some of the quality products when it comes to fishing including pre-rigged striped bass rig with a hook of 7/0 including a fish finder. In looking for the perfect equipment which will accompany you in your fishing expedition, you would want a tool that is reliable and durable. Tide Rite lives by these two words.

2. Aqua Clear ST-9BHFF Striped Bass Fish Finder

Another manufacturer that you can truly trust when it comes to delivering the perfect companion whenever you are going out fishing is Aqua Clear. With their model, ST-9BHFF, you can be sure to increase your catch rate. The model includes a bait holder hookof 9/0, a 48-inch lead fish finder, and a No. 70-pound test and DuPont leader.

3. Aqua Clear ST-7BHFF Striped Bass Fish Finder

The Aqua Clear ST-7BHFF is the perfect tool to use for large baits. If you are in search for a rig that has the ability to eliminate the tangles virtually, then this is the ideal rig for you. This rig is also ideal for a rock fish or a striped bass as it is hand-tied with Mustad hooks with a size of 7/0 and a nickel finish. This model is considered as a combination bottom rig.

4. Aqua Clear SH-10 Shark Surf Rig

The SH-10 Shark Surf Rig is 32 inches, with 100-pound test and double-crimped leads. This is the perfect rig for catching sharks as well as catfishes. If you are simply starting out with fishing by used of rigs, then it is highly recommended that you get your hands on an Aqua Clear SH-10.

5. Aqua Clear ST-7CFF Striped Bass Rock Fish Large Bait and Chunking Rig

This rig is perfect from flukes to sharks. However, the general rule for using rigs like this is that you should always adjust the size of your hook as well as the length of your leader.This depends on the type of fish that you are targeting. The Aqua Clear ST-7CFF is the most effective if you have your eyes set on a striped bass rock fish. This rig consists of a 7/0-size circle hook and 48-inch, No. 70-pound test, DuPont leader (4-foot size). This is perfect because you have to remember that the longer your leader is, the more there is wind resistance.

6. Aqua Clear ST-10CFF Large Bait and Chunkin’ Rig

Another good model of Aqua Clear is the ST-10CFF Large Bait and Chunkin’ Rig. This rig features a 48-inch lead fish finder including a No. 70-pound test, DuPont leader as well as a bait holder hook. This is highly recommended when using large baits.

7. 60# Monofilament Striper Chunking Rig

These striper rigs are indeed a must-have as monofilament striper rigs are circle hooks and are tied manually by hand to ensure the highest of quality when fishing. Each rig is about 5 feet long so that your live bait can move freely and naturally. The more natural your live bait is, the more chance that it will attract a good catch.

These are made with a 60-pound monofilament of premium material. The way these are constructed is the same way that the company constructs an economical live bait rig. A Mustad tinned circle hook which is a commercial type of hook with a size of 11/0 is already inclusive.

The swivel is Rosco 2/0 brass, and it also comes with a slider which goes on the mainline alongside with a sinker in order to get your live bait down to the fish. If you are in search for a rig that is effective whenever you are down into bunker schools or simply drifting for striped bass, this is a good bargain.

8. 60# Monofilament Striper Chunking Rig

Another model under the circle hook monofilament striper rigs is the one with a 12/0 circle hook. The rig is about 6 feet long (which is longer than your usual 5-foot rigs) allowing your bait to move freely and naturally which increases your catch rate. The swivel is Rosco 2/0 brass and the hook size is 12/0.

9. Fin Strike 753B Striped Bass Rigs

Yet, another rig which is perfect for striped bass is the Fin Strike 753B. This is very versatile as you can use this when anchored, drift fishing, or even fishing from the shore. A good rig is something that can keep the bait alive. As you may have already known, live bait is allowed to move freely and naturally, thus attracting more catch. With the Fin Strike 753B, you truly get your money’s worth.

10. Fin Strike 463 Drum Rigs

Under the umbrella of Fin Strike rigs comes Fin Strike 463 Drum Rigs. The lead should be able to bounce. This meansit kicks up the sand, and when it does, a little cloud of underwater sand is formed. And this cloud is then noticed most especially by flounders. This is a good way of attracting a hit.

With a wide variety of tools for fishing and choices for rigs, you may start to wonder when and where do I actually use a fish finder rig? Well, the common misconception about these types of rigs may be that these are only used for fishing flounders. Be it on drop offs or on the edges of channels, this particular rig is not limited for flounders.

Since this particular rig attaches the lead to your live bait, allowing it to move freely, this rig can attract more hits as compared to other types of rigs. This is considered as one of the most effective rigs out there. You can use this rig for dock fishing as the white bait will easily be frightened with the use of an egg sinker (and for good reason). They’re much more quiet and easy to place as compared to a split shot.

A Few Pointers to Remember

The leader should never exceed twice the diameter of the line. For example, if you are using an 8 lb test, then a good leader should be about 15 lb. If you are using a 10 lb test, then it is appropriate to use a 20 lb leader. On another note, if you need some form of weight, you can put the split shot unto the leader which should be below the knot. Keep in mind that you should never really put it too close to the hook.

We hope that this was able to provide you with a rich background on why this particular type of rig is the most effective approach.This aims to help you get familiar with what a good fish finder rig should be in the market today and why they are considered to be an effective way of attracting hits.

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